Safety Tips

The majority of Adyoyo’s users are trustworthy and have been selling in the U.S. It is still important to always take the proper precautions. Safety comes first and anytime you buy and sell online it is important to be smart. User safety and a positive experience for our Users is of the utmost importance to Adyoyo. Therefore, we have provided you with some safety tips below that you must follow.

•Meet in person and choose a public place to exchange items and payment.

•We always recommend taking a second person with you whether or not meeting at someone’s house.  

•We recommend that you do not use personal, certified, or cashier checks and never wire money to another user. Wires are non-refundable. We recommend not using checks to avoid fraud, whether buying or selling. 

•Beware of unusual requests from Users. 

•An example can be that a Buyer will give you more funds than your asking price via check and then ask you to return funds in cash or via wire. 

•Buyers may also give you a fake check, take your item and later the bank will hold you responsible. 

•Never use a third party escrow account to purchase something. 

•There are many great deals on Adyoyo but if an item is way below market value, please beware. Sometimes stock videos are used and very low prices are put up in order to get a response from you.

•The best way to complete the transaction is to exchange the item and pay at the same time. Never wire, send a check, use credit or debit cards to pay in advance. Always pay when you pick up the item. We do not recommend receiving items via postal service. Beware of offers involving shipping.

•Never give out your personal financial information to make or accept a purchase.

•We recommend communicating with other users only via Adyoyo’s in-app chat feature. Never give out your email or phone number.

•If you have any doubts about a user’s authenticity, find another seller/buyer. 

•Always check a seller’s profile page (the same goes for potential buyers). This has been provided to you for convenience. See if someone has bad reviews or lack of reviews. Those can be red flags to stay away from that User. 

•We always recommend that before giving any cash to a Seller that you verify the item is working, is what it was described to be in the listing, and is still the same price you agreed upon. 

•Test an item to make sure that it works properly before purchasing it, especially if you’re purchasing electronics, a car, a bike, or something similar. 

•If you are purchasing a used vehicle verify the VIN and use third party websites to check the vehicle accident history, title, and liens. 

•We kindly ask that you report all suspicious and dangerous activity to AdYoYo and to the local authorities. We will do the best we can to investigate the matter. However, any major threats, acts of violence, and/or fraud should be reported to the police as soon as possible. 

Safety Disclosure

The above Safety Tips are here for you to read at your convenience. It is your responsibility to be safe in using the AdYoYo Services. AdYoYo will not be responsible for your lack of following the Safety Tips. All Users agree that by using the AdYoYo Services they also agree to follow the Safety Tips.  

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